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September 22, 2009



Glad to see you on here and I'm glad that you're loving life! I can't believe you're doing the cow "self-portrait," not because I don't like the concept but because you are SKINNY!!

Have fun today since I saw your Facebook update!! :)


I don't know how you could EVER question yourself as an artist. You are so totally talented. I know I sound like a creepy girlcrush stalker when I say this to you, and believe me, I would keep it to myself to avoid sounding that way but I don't because you changed the course of my life. I would NEVER of even CONSIDERED going to art school if I hadn't met you and now 1 year later and into my 3rd semester, i am a completely different person living a completely different life. Not many ppl. get to impact a life like...

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