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June 25, 2009



you r such a character- I love your wit and approach to life. we'll be hanging on the edges of our seats waiting to hear more about your va-jay-ja while your gone so hurry back!


oh come on---that wasn't about your vagina-- it was aboout your PUBIC hair. get it straight!


OMG, you are TOO funny! I've never had a bikini wax, my friend in Las Vegas, Nicole, told me about getting a Brazilian and it just scared me straight out of any desire to do that!! You are tooooo funny. :)

Deitra Hart

You are too funny, Heather! I love all your talk of glittery vaginas!
Love ya!


DH does not understand how I can do that. I told him that after delivering 4 kids, I had pretty much lost all sense of privacy in that area.

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