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January 05, 2009



heather, I LOVE YOUR PAINTING. i am *inspired* and *motivated* to do my own now!!!! but it'll have to wait until maddie goes back to school tomorrow.


Happy New Year. I love your word for the year and your painting. That is what I need. Motivation.
Good luck in your new course.


love the art. love the word.


Ciao Chica! MAN oh MAN do I know how you feel. I don't even have kids but I can't tell you how excited I was for Jason to go back to work today!!!! :)

LOVE the artwork. LOVE IT! Great job, it's fantastic! :) Did you use Technique Tuesday stamps for the word "Motivation"? Love the circles and colors and everything. You're fab. :)

Emily Barklage

It's very Kal/Donna!


Heather, Love the canvas!

What prompted me to write though is your comment about the sleep study. I spent 20 years waking up tired, frequently with a headache. Doctors tested me for EVERYTHING! Till one day my GYN told me to go for a sleep study and voila! I've been using a CPAP machine now for 3 years and feel like a different person! It's made a HUGE difference in my life.

I would recommend a sleep study to anyone who has any combination of these symptoms: snores, gasps while sleeping (your partner will notice this), wakes up tired, has frequent headaches, wakes several times in the night, has trouble staying awake through the day, has twitchy limbs. There are so many times I wished someone had told me all this!

Good luck with your testing! I'll see you at Inspired!


you are so talented. I love your work and am inspired! BTW - what day r u arriving 2 nc. What are the hotel dates? I need to buy my airfare soon and want to arrive on Wed like last yr.


Love that painting!!!

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