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December 17, 2008



Nice job! (That's big!) I like the positions/interaction of the figures. It makes you stop and look.

Kimberly M

I honestly love it. Lots of emotion.

Lori Hudson

Beautiful! tells such a story. Great job.


It takes my breath away. So much emotion and story-telling. I'd love to read the piece that went with it. So fantastic!

Chiara O

absolutely stunning


Great job, Heather! It makes me sad, though... which I suppose means that it's doing its job, conveying emotion! I'm like Jen and would love to read the piece that went with this!

deanna hutchison

you are VERY talented!!! course I always knew that:)
but I agree, my first thought (besides wow, great job!) was sadness. kinda made me want to cry, so like Cameron said it evokes emotion alright!!!
now for a HAPPY painting:)
happy holidays!!!!

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