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November 07, 2008



First--WAIT, have you been misspelling gratitude and I didnt notice, or is this a joke I dont get?

Second--DANG YOU for stealing my joke! After reading #12 I couldnt wait to comment, Now, I dont want to hear about your and Gords erections!

Third--did you notice that I wrote symbolise in my blog today instead of symbolize? Next I may start writing colour.

Fourth--I LOVE OLIVES, TOO!!!! Any kind, I love them all!

Fifth--I am a drumming idiot. Remember when I wrote about Rock Band? Gimme the bass guitar, my feet dont work AT ALL for the drums! :)

Sixth--HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, my friend! :) Thanks for making me LLOL (literally laugh out loud!)!!!! :)


So, what did you do to get your son to like reading? My son still doesnt enjoy it and will only do it when its assigned!


Thanks for gratitude #13...made me laugh, and I needed it today. As of today I have now joined the ranks of the unemployed. Ick...well talk next week. Something to look forward to.

Jennifer Cottyn-Townsend

erect is good but panties and the past conversations about such, that still makes *me* laugh.

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